What It Means To Be A Chamber Ambassador

By Nikki Schaal LUTCF, Agent, Farm Bureau Financial Services

Since joining the Gilbert Chamber in 2012, I have found each layer of involvement to be more and more beneficial. I was nothing more than “a member” for the first two years. Once I set aside the time to invest into the Chamber and the community, I have experienced many personal and professional advancements. I have found my Chamber involvement and resulting benefits to be a direct correlation to the theory, “You get out of it what you put into it”.

I joined the Ambassador committee in July of 2014. This program has allowed me to develop deeper relationships with fellow Gilbert Chamber members. I have had the pleasure of becoming personal friends with many great people also involved in the program. Being an Ambassador also opens you up to a head start in building new relationships with new businesses in the community. The local businesses really appreciate the support and tend to want to pay it forward by helping to promote your business to others who may be in need of your services. Four years later, I am still an Ambassador and currently serve as Co-Chair for the committee.

If you are looking to gain new relationships both on a personal and professional level, you should consider the Ambassador program. I can honestly say this a great group of professionals with a common goal of helping others succeed. By being involved on a consistent basis with the mindset to help others, it is a natural reaction that you will also see the same results from fellow committee and community members!

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