Legislative Priorities and Report Cards

Town of Gilbert

The Gilbert Chamber’s Public Policy committee regularly evaluates Town regulations - especially those pertaining to long-term sustainability. Our strong partnership with the Town of Gilbert allows us to introduce and evaluate issues as well as to receive and present detailed feedback with Town Staff and elected officials. This important partnership helps all parties make the best decisions on behalf of our businesses and our community.

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East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance (EVCCA)

Each year, prior to the legislative session, the EVCCA puts together its legislative agenda of business priorities. This agenda is used by each of the participating chambers and by the Dorn Policy Group to review and take action on policy throughout the year. We measure all applicable legislation, bills, and voter initiatives against our business priorities within this agenda.

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At the end of each legislative session, the EVCCA develops an annual legislative report card. This report card compares the voting records of state legislators to the positions stated in the EVCCA's legislative agenda.

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Arizona Chamber Executives (ACE)

Arizona Chamber Executives (ACE) represents the leaders of chambers of commerce across the state of Arizona. The ACE membership reflects the diverse communities that make up our great state. Each year, our membership collaborates to establish a legislative agenda for business. This agenda provides our organizations guiding principles for advocacy that best represent Arizona’s businesses.

Members of ACE draft the legislative agenda, which is presented to the broader membership at our annual conference. The membership reviews and provides input, ensuring that each community’s voice is heard and represented. The membership then votes to approve the agenda and establishes it as ACE’s official priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

Throughout the year, ACE members and leaders participate in weekly policy calls to monitor legislation and determine necessary advocacy efforts. This public policy process is open to all members of the organization, ensuring that each Chamber is represented.

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