Tours for Teachers Learning Day

Designed for teachers, administrators, and staff, Tours for Teachers provides insights and resources to help participants better understand the current and future workforce needs and trends within the local economy. Participants tour businesses and industries and engage in facilitated conversations to identify local employers’ hiring and education requirements.

On November 14, 2023 13 participants went on tours of Northrop Grumman and ASU Dreamscape Learn then enjoyed presentations on joint business and academic initiatives at ASU’s Polytechnic Campus.

To start the day, participants met at ASU Polytechnic campus for breakfast and registration. Transportation was provided by Gilbert Public Schools.

Participants experienced a tour of Northrop Grumman, where they “pioneer technologies and break new boundaries to protect and advance humanity as we know it. From deep sea to outer space to cyber space, we are defining possible at the edge of every frontier.” The tour was inspiring and informative.

Next, the participants experienced ASU’s Dreamscape Learn at the ASU Tempe campus. “Dreamscape Learn is a collaborative venture between Dreamscape Immersive and Arizona State University, merging the most advanced pedagogy with the entertainment industry’s best emotional storytelling. Dreamscape Learn redefines how we teach and learn in the 21st century, while aiming to eliminate student learning gaps.” The time spent in ASU’s Dreamscape Learn was both engaging and entertaining. Participants were led through an exciting virtual reality adventure as well as an educational VR experience focused on biology.

To wrap the day up, participants experienced presentations from both faculty and student scholars on their joint business and academic endeavors. From creating access for all abilities to cleaner water, the presentations were excellent examples of collaboration and problem solving.

To learn more about or participate in the Gilbert Chamber’s Tours for Teachers programming, please reach out to Elaine Kessler at