COVID-19 Update: Published March 25, 2020

I wanted to share a few updates from our daily call with the Governor’s office:

  • The Governor’s Executive Order on Essential Services was a proactive move to ensure that cities don’t declare “shelters in place” independently of any state-wide action. By providing the list of Essential Services now, businesses can determine a plan of action ahead of any potential announcement. At this time, the Governor is recommending strict adherence to the CDC recommendations so we can keep businesses open and the economy moving forward. If you have questions about how your business fits within the Essential Services order, please send your questions directly to me – I will compile the questions and get answers for you. The Governor’s office is responding to me quickly. By consolidating questions, it will lessen the number of emails at the Governor’s office and help speed up the response time.
  • The Governor’s Executive Order Postponement of Eviction Actions pertains to residential renters only.
  • A new State website has been established to provide a variety of resources from how you can volunteer and make donations to business and residential resources – check out
  • Dining on patios is not allowed under the Governor’s Executive Order Limiting the Operations of Certain Businesses to Slow the Spread of COVID-19. The Governor is asking business owners to monitor this. Please take care of this as we don’t want this to turn into a local enforcement issue.
  • Questions about liquor take-out in a sealed container can be found in the Executive Order noted above or through Arizona Liquor Board at
  • You can find all of the Governor’s Executive Orders here.

All of us here at the Gilbert Chamber are dedicated to providing you the resources you need to help your business, please keep your suggestions and questions coming. We are also tirelessly advocating on your behalf directly with our federal officials.

Make it a great day!