Legislative Action Update: Governor Katie Hobbs Signs Prop 400 Bill Into Law

Phoenix, AZ — Today, Governor Katie Hobbs signed SB1102, Transportation Excise Tax; Maricopa County, into law. Following this action, Governor Katie Hobbs released the following statement:

“Today, we showed we can put politics aside and work across party lines to get big things done for Arizona. I’m proud to sign this bill into law that will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, build and attract businesses, and help make Arizona the best place to work, live, and raise a family. With support spanning across political parties, businesses, workers and everyday Arizonans, Prop 400 will secure our economic future and give every Arizonan an opportunity to succeed in our thriving economy.”

Governor Hobbs also signed the following bills into law: SB1131, Residential Leases; Municipal Tax Exemption HB2670, State Agencies; Veterans Status; Inquiry