Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Signs in Support of ACA

The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce has joined businesses and organizations from across the state in support of continued funding for the Arizona Commerce Authority.

Since its inception, the ACA has contributed to Arizona’s economic success through the attraction of new projects and expansion of existing Arizona companies. Some significant wins include:

  • 1,209 projects won,
  • 272,803 projected new jobs,
  • $60,808 average wage, and
  • $115.694 billion in projected total capital investment.

The impact of this success on our economy has been profound. It’s estimated that ACA projects will produce $11.3 billion in tax revenue and $442.3 billion in economic output. The direct, indirect,

and induced projected jobs total is 886,933. These new jobs are shifting our economy and Arizona is now more well positioned than ever. With the help of the ACA, Arizona has dramatically reshaped

the outlook of our economy. For example, since 2011, Arizona’s workforce has grown by 28%, the 5th-fastest growth rate in the nation.

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