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We hope our program graduates go on to do great things in and around our community! We also hope they will remain involved in the program to help us raise up the next generation of leaders!

Do you know a program graduate who represents the highest level of dedication to the program’s mission. Nominations are accepted between January 1 and March 31st of each year.

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Opportunities for your involvement include:

  • Join the Alumni Committee
  • Attend an Alumni Social
  • Mentor a current class member
  • Attend the current class graduation
  • Help facilitate a Learning Day
  • Make a monetary donation to the program
  • Serve on the program's Board
  • Stay connected in the Alumni Facebook Group
  • Tell others you are a graduate
  • Subscribe to the Gilbert Leadership newsletter

We enjoy hearing from our graduates. Tell us how you would like to be involved!

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Alumni In Action

Thank you to these graduates and corporate donors for their continued support of the program!

Alumni Donors

Lorraine Bergman, Class 1, Donor since 2013
Linda Chafey, Class 23, Donor since 2020
Candy Body, Class 20, Donor since 2012
Deb Carr, Class 25, Donor since 2018
Tim Colquhoun, Class 18, Donor since 2016
Kristen Drew, Class 26, Donor since 2018
Rob Elder, Class 28, Donor since 2020
Sharon Fallon, Class 27, Donor since 2021
Barb Farmer, Class 25, Donor since 2019
Karin Gadberry, Class 29, Donor since 2021
Jaime Johnson, Class 24, Donor since 2017
Jenna Kahl, Class 27, Donor since 2019
Sara LaClair, Class 24, Donor since 2017
Shelly Lanham, Class 25, Donor since 2018
Amy Lawson, Class 27, Donor since 2019
Constance Lemere, Class 27, Donor since 2020
Adrianne Lynch, Class 13, Donor since 2017
Mark Newman, Class 19, Donor since 2016
Brigette Peterson, Class 8, Donor since 2016
Javier Rodriguez, Class 28, Donor since 2020
Jän Simon, Class 24, Donor since 2016
Laura Skotnicki, Class 20, Donor since 2021
Kari Sleezer, Class 27, Donor since 2019
Jeff Sutherlin, Class 8, Donor since 2020
Steve Tannenbaum, Class 27, Donor since 2020
Tim Thompson, Class 20, Donor since 2017
Kathy Tilque, Class 1, Donor since 2013

Corporate & Community Donors

Guild Mortgage Company - Karen Camblin, Donor since 2019

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Alumni Roster

More than 650 leaders have graduated from Gilbert Leadership since 1991. Take a walk down memory lane as you browse through the list of past participants!

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Newsletter Archive

Thanks to our Alumni and Marketing Committees for publishing our program newsletters!

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