Gilbert Leadership Award

Please use this form to recommend a candidate for the Gilbert Leadership Award, which is presented annually to a recipient who is a graduate of the Gilbert Leadership program and represents the highest level of dedication to the program’s mission.

Past Award Recipients Include:
Maria Hesse, Class 5
Tami Ryall, Class 10
Linda Abbott, Class 1
Dale Hallock, Class 6
Kayla Kolar, Class 14
Bobbi Smith, Class 16
Tad Peelen, Class 8
Adrianne Lynch, Class 13
Les Presmyk, Class 2
Candy Body, Class 20
Rudy Apodaca, Class 17
Brigette Peterson, Class 8
Albert "AJ" Alaniz, Class 16
Mark Newman, class 19

Nominations are accepted between January 1 and March 31st of each year.

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