What is: Women Empowered Book Club

The Women Empowered Book Club Series is presented by Emily Evans Consulting and additionally supported by the Amy Jones Group. This series is facilitated by the Women Empowered Committee and provides business leaders an opportunity to read and discuss books about professional development and business growth. A new book is selected each fall and spring and the club meets weekly for discussion during each cycle.

"For busy mommas like me, taking time for myself and reading a book in between being CEO of work and home is tough," says Mindy Jones, owner of the Amy Jones Group, "The Chamber’s book club allows busy, hard working professionals to get together over a good read - and put its lessons to work immediately by bringing the collective ideas of the group together in an engaging weekly meet-up. Even if I’ve only read a few pages, I know I’ll get more out of the facilitator, my community and just showing up for myself than I would if I had passed on the opportunity. I can’t wait for October’s book club - the ideas, the people, and the fun!"

Be on the lookout for more details on the upcoming Fall Book Club with Women Empowered!