Welcome! Tours for Teachers Class 7

Announcing Tours for Teachers Class 7!

Designed for teachers, administrators, and staff, this program provides insight and resources to help participants gain a better understanding of the current and future workforce needs and trends within the local economy. The program includes an orientation, three learning days, independent assignments, and exploration.

We are excited for the new class to begin the program. Congratulations to the following participants!

  • Shirley Brohner, Campo Verde High School
  • Casey Cook, Higley High School
  • Danielle Depeaux, Williams Field High School
  • Amy Jacobson, Campo Verde High School
  • Jennifer Kaiaser, Higley High School
  • Stephanie Parker, Gilbert High School
  • Tom Pearson, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
  • Heidi Resh, Campo Verde High School
  • Ginnie Strait, Highland High School
  • Ben Zibers, Park University

These 10 educators have a reach impacting over 3,300 Gilbert area students. We are grateful for their commitment and dedication to our community!