Unemployment Insurance Efforts

Through the East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance (EVCCA), the Gilbert Chamber has defended and advocated for issues many business owners may take for granted. For example, your business is protected from litigation and has a right to correct a violation of the Arizona Disabilities Act. Your former employee has the burden of proof should you contest an unemployment insurance claim. Any attempt to obtain something from your business through a threat against your reputation online is now a crime. Each of these issues are in Arizona law because of the Gilbert Chamber’s involvement in the EVCCA and is made possible because of your membership.

Most recently, the Gilbert Chamber worked through the EVCCA to save you nearly $500, per employee, per year.

Arizona has what is considered by the federal government to be a compliant unemployment insurance (UI) system. If a law is changed that brings Arizona’s UI system out of compliance, each employer loses a tax credit of 5.4% at the federal level. Through the EVCCA, the Gilbert Chamber amended a bill currently before the Arizona Legislature targeting unemployment insurance fraud to ensure its compliance with the federal government. This amendment keeps your tax credit in place and is another example of your chamber dues at work.