Town of Gilbert: Community Water Shortage Team

Gilbert is seeking applicants for the Community Water Shortage Team, to help reduce water waste in Gilbert. Gilbert enacted Stage 1 of its Water Supply Reduction Management Plan (WSRMP) in June of 2022 in response to the current shortage on the Colorado River. Shortly after, Gilbert initiated an internal Shortage Management Team (SMT) to assist with problem solving and planning efforts relating to the water shortage and the Town's response.

The SMT and Community Water Shortage Team will work together to discuss opportunities to reduce water use in Gilbert and meet the goals outlined in the Gilbert's WSRMP. The intent of the Community Water Shortage Team is to provide an opportunity for Gilbert's non-residential public water users to come together and share their ideas regarding the following focus areas:

  • Water education
  • Messaging about water resources and conservation
  • Water conservation opportunities
  • Rebate programs
  • Launching pledges, commitments, and/or designation programs
  • Waste-of-water complaints and notices of violations

The Community Water Shortage Team 's mission is to strengthen communication and planning efforts between public water users and the Town of Gilbert during the current shortage on the Colorado River and ensure consistency in messaging, implementation, and adherence to the Water Supply Reduction Management Plan.

Applications to join the Community Water Shortage Team are now open. The deadline to apply is MARCH 2ND, 2023.

Link to application:

The selection of representatives for the Community Water Shortage Team will be made at the discretion of the Town Manager's Office.

Meetings will be held at Gilbert Town Hall (50 E. Civic Center Drive). The meetings will take place during Town of Gilbert business hours (Monday through Thursday from 7 AM - 6 PM). Specific times and dates will be determined once the team is established.

At the close of the application deadline, the Town may request additional information as part of the application process. Staff will keep applicants updated throughout the selection and appointment process.