The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce, East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance Oppose PRO Act

The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce joined the East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance and several other representatives of the business community in opposition of a bill that would destabilize America’s workplaces and impose a long list of dangerous changes to labor law. The proposal, called the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act (S. 420/H.R. 842) would undermine worker rights, ensnare employers in unrelated labor disputes, disrupt the economy, and force individual Americans to pay union dues regardless of their wishes.

As outline in the opposition letter, the PRO Act would:

  • Effectively overturn right-to-work laws that have been democratically passed in 27 states, including Arizona, where right to work is constitutionally protected. In all these states, including Arizona, workers are protected against being fired if they decline to pay union dues. The PRO Act would repeal protections from both a business and employee perspective and could result in Arizona workers losing their jobs if they do not pay union dues.
  • Strip independent contractors of flexible work arrangements, resulting in fewer earning opportunities for individuals and threatening the emerging “gig” economy.
  • Undermine secret ballots by allowing “card check” voting where union organizers would approach individual workers and demand that they publicly sign a card in favor of the union, leading to harassment and intimidation.
  • Expand liability for employers and increase needless class action lawsuits by banning employment arbitration agreements.
  • Interfere with attorney-client confidentiality and make it increasingly difficult for all businesses, but particularly small businesses, to secure legal advice on complex labor law matters.
  • Strip employers of fundamental legal rights, to include losing their standing in cases before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

We believe the proposal to be a dangerous, job-killing step against the rights of employers. To learn more about the opposition of the PRO Act, visit or view the U.S. Chamber’s report. NFIB has published this report after a recent polling of their members.