NEW! Key Insights from Q3 2023 Small Business Index

The latest Q3 2023 MetLife and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index has painted an optimistic picture for small business owners in the United States. Confidence among small business owners is rising as they witness signs of an improving economy, with the Index hitting its highest score since the start of the pandemic.

Here's a closer look at the key findings and what they mean for Main Street businesses across the nation.

  • Small business owner confidence has surged this quarter to 69.2, up from 63.1 in Q2. This notable increase is primarily attributed to a significant rise in the number of small businesses (33%) expressing confidence in the economy's health.
  • 66% of small businesses report that their own ventures are in good health, and a substantial 72% state that they are comfortable with their cash flow.
  • Around half of small businesses still identify inflation as their biggest challenge, a concern that has persisted over the last year. 56% of businesses are struggling to keep up with employee salary expectations.
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Bottom line: In the middle of an evolving economic landscape, small businesses are displaying resilience and optimism. They are actively addressing challenges and are increasingly committed to the well-being of their employees. As small businesses thrive, they play a vital role in bolstering the broader economic recovery.