Meet Our Ambassadors

Meet Tiffany Fisher of Sun Valley Medical Billing. Tiffany serves on the Chamber's Ambassador Committee.

  • What do you do? "Sun Valley Medical Billing is a full cycle revenue management company for Healthcare practices and Providers. We do this by ensuring proper and timely billing to insurance companies and patients for all financial responsibility they may have assumed. Which results in proper and timely payments of those service to assist with positive cash flow and steady business operations."
  • Why do you do it? "We want to help providers and facilities with the cash flow management process of their practices so they can focus on patient care and treatment. "
  • How can you help others? "We help the community avoid unnecessary out of pocket medical expenses when they are insured and help providers manage their cash flow so that they can continue to provide service excellence to our community, while remaining profitable."
  • How does the Chamber benefit your business? "The chamber is the vein of the community. In every community, there are patients, provider’s and healthcare facilities. The Gilbert Chamber has allowed us access to the community through a business channel of networking, philanthropy and educational resources and support. We are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Gilbert Chamber and a Member of the Ambassador Committee."

Chamber Ambassadors act as an extension of Chamber staff by greeting new members, promoting Chamber programs, activities, projects and events, and serving the Chamber community through volunteerism. Ambassadors establish, maintain, and improve the professional image of the Chamber, while creating goodwill and building the reputation and brand of the Chamber.