Have You Posted To Your Chamber Page?

Marketing, every business NEEDS to be marketing themselves, right? However, the word “Marketing” can seem like such a big expensive task. Well luckily with your Gilbert Chamber membership it doesn’t have to be. Have you logged onto the membership portal and explored the marketing opportunities available to you? Most importantly posting “Member News” and “Hot Deals”. Well you should try it today!

How to post to your chamber listing and why?

Hmmm, the why is an easy answer. We at the chamber love to share you, the Member, news and deals!!! If you have an event you are hosting, an accomplishment that was recognized, or just want to share about what your business is all abut and why it’s different than others, you should post a “Member News” article. We at the chamber like to take what you posted and share it out onto our social media avenues. That is a lot of exposure for very little effort. Marketing gold!

As a member of the Chamber, you can post announcements on our website for other Chamber members and anyone visiting our website to see. From the homepage at www.GilbertAZ.com, go to the “Member Login” button located at the top right of the page, and log-in using your username and password. If you don’t have one or forgot it, reach out to me at the chamber to get you set up. After you log-in, choose ‘News Releases’ from the side menu and then the ‘Add News Releases’ tab. From there, click on ‘Create News Releases’ and enter your information into the form, upload a small photo if you wish and submit your event or news release to the Chamber to review and approve. Once approved you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that your post has gone live.

That’s not all, you can do so much more from the membership portal. View your reports to follow the traction your listing is getting and to see how many people are reading your post and deals. Is your business short staffed, and you need to hire for a position? Post that position under the “Job Postings” section. Each of your deals, posts, job listings are searchable on Google once posted to our website.

So now that “Marketing” doesn’t seem like such a big task. Log in and get started! If you have any questions, just reach out, I’m happy to help!

Angela Noel

Administrative Assistant, Membership Services


(480) 892-0056