Governor Ducey Releases FY2022 Executive Budget

Governor Ducey released his Executive Budget on Friday afternoon, which added additional details to comments he made earlier in the week during his State of the State Address. The Governor’s budget is a financial recommendation for the Arizona Legislature to consider as it crafts the Fiscal Year 2022 budget later this year.

Notable items include:

Broadband Expansion (grants and expenditures) $83 million

ACA Increased funding for business web portal

Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF) Swept for AZ Highway Patrol

AOT No changes

AHCCCS (ALTCS, KidsCare, etc.) No significant changes

AZ Innovation (universities) $35 million


  • $200 million for unspecified income tax relief in tax relief


  • $389 on COVID-19 grants
  • $10 million to expand school choice
  • $6.9 million to advance early literacy learning and instruction
  • $4.4 million to serve vulnerable students
  • $4.1 million for college prep programs
  • $2 million to create two additional signature civics education programs
  • $500,000 to expand the Alternative Teacher Development Program
  • $400,000 to expand Jobs For Arizona Graduates
  • $119 million for school building renewal grants
  • $52.6 million for new school construction


  • $3.3 million to hire 32 additional long-term care surveyors
  • $18 million to fund the continuation of the Child Care Waitlist
  • $92.7 million in FY 21 supplemental funding for the stabilization of child care centers
  • $2.9 million to reduce investigator caseload
  • $1.5 million to increase provider rates for Adult and Aging Services Agencies
  • $25 million for the implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act
  • $6 million for substance abuse treatment


  • $35 million to support the New Economy Initiative
  • $115 million in COVID-19 relief, provided via CARES Act funding
  • $6 million for the Arizona Teachers Academy


  • $54 million to address building renewal needs
  • $17.9 million to provide additional bed capacity management space in ADCRR
  • $5 million to expand substance abuse treatment programs in prisons
  • $13.8 million to equip Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) employees with body cameras
  • $7 million to further DPS trooper recruitment and retention efforts
  • $16.2 million to perform system-critical updates to the statewide land mobile radio network


  • $24 million to increase workforce and partnerships through the AZ Healthy Forest Initiative
  • $8 million for wildfire suppression budget
  • $5 million to fully fund the Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund Program


  • $375,900 to establish a state enterprise-wide hoteling pilot program
  • $7.8 million to launch an online portal needed to start a business
  • $33.1 million to fund a major expansion of the I-40 West broadband corridor
  • $40 million in Federal CARES Act funding for the I-19 and I-17 broadband corridors
  • $10 million to renew and bolster the Rural Broadband Grant Program

Copies of the budget can be found at the Office of Strategic Budget and Planning.