Gilbert Chamber Announces Early Endorsement Of Town Council Candidates

The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce announces the endorsement of incumbent Scott Anderson and Chamber veteran Kathy Tilque for Gilbert Town Council as a result of each candidate meeting the organization’s early endorsement qualifications.

“Vice Mayor Scott Anderson has earned an 88 percent favorable voting record with regard to Chamber priorities,” said Matt Streeper, Chairman of the Board. “Kathy Tilque has led the Chamber’s advocacy efforts for the past 24 years and has contributed significantly not only to the pro-business environment Gilbert enjoys but also to quality community development efforts. These two candidates have served as change-agents for the community and will provide much needed expertise from their years of experience.”

According to Streeper, the Chamber’s Board and membership feels that strong leadership and understanding of the overall vision for the Town is extremely important given the significant turnover of Town Council members this election cycle.

All candidates who submitted a statement of interest prior to February 3rd were invited to participate in the Chamber’s endorsement process. Councilmember Brigette Peterson was not eligible for consideration of an early endorsement due to the Chamber’s policy which states incumbents must be running for the same office for which they are currently elected. All mayoral candidates who completed the Chamber’s questionnaire will participate in a personal interview and candidate forum for consideration of an endorsement by the Chamber.

“We are confident in the qualifications set forth for the early endorsements of candidates as well as our process for awarding endorsements to candidates running for Town Council, Mayoral, District 12 and 17, County Supervisors, and Congressional District 5 seats,” said Streeper. “Information about future endorsements will be forthcoming, once the process has been completed.”

Criteria used for early endorsements is as follows:

New candidates seeking early endorsement must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate a proven understanding of business issues;
  • Be active within the Gilbert Chamber for a minimum of three years;
  • Be engaged in various civic, government, or other organizations; and
  • Have worked with the Public Policy Committee for a minimum of three years.

Incumbents seeking early endorsement must meet the following requirements:

  • Running for the same office for which they are currently elected;
  • Have received an endorsement from the Chamber for the previous cycle he or she was elected;
  • Maintained a high vote score or applicable ranking with the Chamber;
  • Demonstrated history of active engagement with the Chamber; and
  • Supported the Chamber on key issues.