Business Roundtable - Northwest Growth Area

Our Business Roundtable Series is sponsored by APS and Meadows Bank and presented in partnership with Mayor Brigette Peterson, Gilbert’s Office of Economic Development, and the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce.

Representatives of businesses located within the town’s Northwest Employment Corridor joined us for a roundtable discussion. Hearing directly from our businesses is essential to us and helps us understand the emerging trends and disruptors businesses face, plans for growth or expansion, workforce successes, and challenges, and how the Chamber and Town can assist businesses now and in the future.

The following are key takeaways from the discussion:

What do you like about being located within the Northwest Growth Area?

  • There are a lot of businesses.
  • This area is a hub for services in the Southeast Valley, with excellent freeway access and shipping accessibility.
  • It is close to downtown Gilbert.
  • Gilbert is family-oriented and attractive to employees.

What challenges or barriers to growth is your business facing?

  • It is difficult to attract and retain employees within service industries. Staffing is a significant issue.
  • Real estate is difficult to find and finding space to expand can be a challenge.
  • Some vacant properties have non-compete restrictions so they cannot be easily leased.
  • The area has a lot of road construction and infrastructure improvements, which causes congestion.

What investments would you like to see within the Northwest Growth Area?

  • Parking improvements for employees within the area, including on-street parking.
  • Street signage and visibility.
  • Conversions of non-functional turf within the Northwest Growth Area.

Do you have plans to move or expand your operation in the next 1-3 years that would require additional square footage? If yes, do you have any concerns about being able to find that space in Gilbert?

  • One business shared that their current space is smaller than needed but Class A space is difficult to find, and they want to remain in Gilbert.