Business Moving Checklist: 5 Tips for Gilbert Businesses

Moving a business from one location to another requires careful preparation in this region of the country. Gilbert is known for its hot and subtropical climate, which features overall arid, desert conditions. When planning to move your business, account for these conditions in the area known as the Hay Capital of the World. As part of Maricopa County, Gilbert has the distinction of being the nation’s most densely populated town that’s incorporated. To deal with relocating your business through local traffic, you can work with a locally based moving company with experience handling business re-locations in Arizona. The other option is to relocate independently, but you should be aware of the most common strategies for completing this process successfully:

1. Plan ahead, and make plenty of time to organize the move

Planning and organization are worth the time necessary to do it right. Start by moving the office furniture to the new location first so that there is ample space available for sorting and packing. When it’s time to buy packing and moving supplies, always make a list first. This will prevent you from forgetting important things like duct tape, bungee cords, scissors, labels, bubble wrap, and moving containers with wheels. Alternatively, you can often rent a moving dolly or hand truck for hauling boxes with as little effort as possible. Make an inventory of the business's most critical items. Pack, label, and move them first.

2. Donate old business equipment and supplies to a tax-deductible charity

Separate old supplies from usable items. This is a great tip for businesses moving to a new location. This is the perfect time to load up all your used furniture and equipment to donate to a registered charity. Make sure the organization gives you the proper receipts for your tax deduction. This is the perfect solution when you are ready to replace older items like office chairs, desks, lamps, and other supplies.

3. Backup all your critical business data

Before moving electronics and computers, know that data backup is essential for any business. You can move this information to the cloud or simply use an external hard drive. Sensitive customer information should be encrypted or secured physically, so this is a good time to speak with an information technology specialist.

4. Secure and remove all cables

During the process of moving your computers, you need to ensure that the cables are completely secured and removed: You can damage the ports or cable ends if you fail to remove them and package them properly during transport. Ensure that your computers are transported according to the terms of the warranty, if applicable. Never stack computers on top of other items because this is one of the major causes of damage during a move. If you have a complex wiring system connecting your computer equipment to monitors, take a cell phone picture for reference. This will be invaluable when you need to re-wire the system after completing the move.

5. Plan for the weather in Gilbert

If you plan to move during the winter, you might get lucky if the weather is relatively warm, but you could also face sudden rainstorms, too. If you plan on moving during the spring or summer, be prepared so that you and your helpers don’t become dehydrated. If there is a heat wave expected, you might want to plan ahead. Pack the evening before and move early in the morning. Take a break during the hottest part of the day, and resume work in the evening after the temperature cools down. Put water in spray bottles and have portable cooling fans ready for use. Spray your skin with water to lower your body temperature, and make sure that everyone remains hydrated.

Final Moving Tips

Most people underestimate the total time required to move a business from one location to another. To get an idea of how much time is necessary, consider one study on this subject. It showed that around five hours were needed to pack a college dorm room. Keep in mind that each box should weigh under 50 lbs.

Finally, consider reading as many articles as you can about this subject because each business will face a slightly different packing and moving situation. Keep a list of the items that are most relevant to your situation, and never be afraid to ask friends and family for help. When you do this, be sure to let them know exactly what tasks you need done and offer them refreshments and appreciation after their work shift.


About the Author

Brian Myers is the owner and operator of Phoenix’s Low Budget Movers, a top rated moving company in Phoenix, AZ that provides local and long-distance moving services.