Business Academy Workshop - Cybersecurity

On October 12, 2023 the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Foundation hosted a Business Academy Workshop on the topic of Cybersecurity. Generously sponsored by Meadows Bank and SRP and facilitated by Mark Homewood of Chandler-Gilbert Community College, the workshop was engaging, interactive, and well received. Participants were treated to escape room style puzzles to determine cybersecurity threats and solutions.

Some points of interest were learning the following pieces of information:

  • 90% of cyber-attacks are from social engineering
  • Passwords should be 12+ characters
  • Passwords should be passphrases using special characters
  • Avoid sending personal information over unsecured networks (like at Starbucks)
  • Use a password manager or 2 Factor Authentication

Stay tuned for the next round of Business Academy Workshops on “Public Speaking and Networking” -

Intentional Communication for Business and Life taking place in November!