April Session Update

Credit: Arizona Chamber Executives

April 2021 - The 100-day deadline has come and gone without much of a finish line in sight. While budget negotiations continue to wager on, no solid deals have been struck yet. So far, 307 bills have been passed with 279 of those having been signed and only 2 vetoed by the Governor. A few bills to note:

HB 2772: After a contentious debate in the Arizona State Senate, House Bill 2772, which legalizes gambling on sports and fantasy sports in Arizona, was signed into law by Governor Doug Ducey. It is anticipated that this change will generate approximately $100M annually that will be direct to the state’s general fund.

HB 2862: On April 13th, House Bill 2862 was passed through the Senate, providing schools and students with critical flexibility in completing required instructional time, which will ultimately lead to stronger outcomes. There is an undeniable link between a strong education system and a strong workforce, making education a primary public policy pillars. HB 2826 is a win for business and for students, and it is likely it will receive final approval from the Governor and be signed into law.

Additionally, on Monday, April 19th, Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order that prohibits local governments from requiring proof of vaccination status to receive services and banning vaccine passports. In addition to state agencies and governments being disallowed to require proof of vaccination, the order extends to businesses contracting with the state of Arizona.