Ballot Measures


No on Prop 207

Despite being a Schedule 1 narcotic at the Federal level, cannabis use and possession would be legal under Proposition 207 for adults (ages 21 years or older) in Arizona. Provisions include:

  • Imposition of a 16% tax that can be reduced to 0% under certain circumstances.
  • Risk of weakened rights of employers to maintain a drug-free workplace.
  • Creation a monopoly for existing cannabis dispensaries – the drafters and funders of the
  • Exclusion of state or local governments from taxing cannabis.

A copy of the Proposition 207 text can be found here:


No on Prop 208

Proposition 208 imposes a 3.5% income tax on income above $250,000 (single filing) or $500,000 (joint filing). The revenue collected would be used for K-12 education. The provisions of the initiative include:

  • Disproportionate Impact on Small Business
    • Many small businesses are structured as LLC's. This structure allows the income from
      the business to flow through to personal tax filings. Small businesses will be hit hard.
  • Income Tax Increase of 77%
    • Arizona's highest income tax bracket currently pays a rate of 4.5%. The additional 3.5%
      income tax included in the initiative would increase taxes by a staggering 77%.
  • An Uncompetitive Arizona
    • Passage of this income tax increase would move Arizona into the top ten highest taxed
      states in the nation. Job creation would be at risk.

The EVCCA is not opposed to additional money for education. However, the EVCCA is opposed to this particular initiative because it is poorly constructed and bad public policy.

A copy of the Proposition 208 text can be found here: