Candidates for Maricopa County Supervisor

The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Jack Sellers (District 1) and Steve Chucri (District 2).

Basic Information

Deedra Abboud (District 2)

Business: Loose Ends Legal Solutions, PLLC

Occupation: Attorney

Education Background: Juris Doctorate, AZ

Brief summary of employment history:

Small business owner and law firm managing attorney, 7 years.

Corporate and residential property acquisitions, management, and legal compliance: Arizona, California, Europe, & Middle East, 10 years

Board member for two HOA’s, 5 years

Board member for various non-profits, 6 years

Arizona non-profit management, 8 years.

Banking, Accounting, Finance, and Client Accounts Management, 7 years

List of community organizations you belong to:

Arizona Bar Association

East Valley NAACP


League of Women Voters Metro Phoenix

National Organization of Women

How long have you lived in Maricopa County? Since 1998 [Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale]. Originally from Arkansas.

Steve Chucri (District 2) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

Business: Maricopa County Supervisor District 2/President & CEO, Arizona Restaurant Association

Education Background: Brophy College Preparatory, BBA-University of San Diego

Brief summary of employment history: I have served 8 years as a Maricopa County Supervisor and over 18 years as the President and CEO of the Arizona Restaurant Association

List of community organizations you belong to: Honorary Consul for the Republic of Estonia, Board Member for the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC), the University of San Diego Alumni, Boys Hope Girls Hope, Phoenix Downtown Partnership, National Restaurant Association, Department of Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council for the Central Region, AZ Consular Corps, Creighton University Presidential Health Sciences Phoenix Advisory, Tepeyac Leadership Initiative and board member and past president of the Council of State Restaurant Associations.

How long have you lived in Maricopa County: I was born and raised in Maricopa County

Jevin Hodge (District 1)

Business: LINK Strategic Partners (public and private sector consulting)

Occupation: National Engagement Director

Education Background: B.A. in Public Policy from The George Washington University

Brief summary of employment history: LINK Strategic Partners since January of 2016

List of community organizations you belong to:

• Chair of the Board of Directors of Booker T. Washington Child Development Center

• Board of Directors of Tempe Union High Schools Education Foundation

• Arizona Advisory Board Member of Best Buddies International

• Board Member of Suns Charities 88

• Arizona Advisory Committee Member of U.S. Global Leadership Coalition

• The NAACP of the East Valley

• Board of Directors of Las Brisas Homeowners Association

How long have you lived in Maricopa County? 26 years

Jack Sellers (District 1) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

Business: Maricopa County

Occupation: Supervisor, Dist. 1

Education Background: BS in Mechanical Engineering

Brief summary of employment history: Facility Mgr. at GM Desert Proving Ground and 2 terms on Chandler City Council including Vice Mayor

List of community organizations you belong to: AZ Town Hall, Intel Community Advisory Panel, GPEC, State Transportation Board, Maricopa Assoc. of Governments, AZ Sister Cities, RPTA Board, AZ Mexico Commission, and Transportation Business Partners.

Supervisor, Maricopa County District 1

Vice Chair of the Board

Former Councilmember & Vice Mayor - City of Chandler

Member & Former Chair of the Arizona State Transportation Board

Retired Facilities Manager for the General Motors Desert Proving Ground

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University

Maricopa Association of Governments

Member and Past Chair of Transportation Policy Committee

Member of the Economic Development Committee

Regional Public Transportation Authority

Board Member

Member of Ari-Son Megaregion Group

Member of the Arizona-Mexico Commission

Member of Transportation Committee

Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Member of the International Leadership Council

Past Member of the Board and Executive Committee

Board Member of the East Valley Partnership

Chair Transportation Committee

Member Government Relations Committee

Member & Past Chair Economic Development Committee

Member of Transportation Business Partners

President of Chandler, Arizona Sister Cities

Vice President of Arizona Sister Cities

Member and Past Board Member of Arizona Town Hall

Delegate to the Eighty-Third Town Hall

Panel leader @ Eighty-Sixth Town Hall

Panel leader @ Ninety-First Town Hall

Delegate to the Ninety-Forth Town Hall

Delegate to the One Hundred & Sixth Town Hall

Member of Chandler Chamber of Commerce

Member Public Policy Committee

Member of Intel Corporation Community Advisory Panel

Past Chairman of the City of Chandler Transportation Commission

Past Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Mesa Chamber of Commerce (received Business Leader of the Year award in 2004)

Member of Public Policy Committee

How long have you lived in Maricopa County? 30 plus years

Give three (3) of your qualifications/skill sets that make you a leading candidate for County Supervisor. Explain why these qualifications make you a better candidate than your opponents.

Deedra Abboud (District 2)

Transparency: I don’t work in or have any personal or family ties to any industry regulated by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

Accountability: As an attorney, I can recognize concerns from the community and staff and recommend corrective policies in order to avoid the costly multi-million-dollar defense attorney fees and court fines that have plagued Maricopa County over the last 8 years.

Accessibility: Attending community events, listening to people of any and all backgrounds and viewpoints, speaking in plain language, having uncomfortable conversations, de-escalating conversations, and finding common ground are the cornerstones of how I live my life.

Steve Chucri (District 2) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

I would begin by mentioning my business experience as a catalyst for wanting to run for county supervisor in 2012. I firmly believed then as I do now that you can bring a business mindset to government. I am proud to say we have done this in a multitude of ways from implementing Smart Justice programs which are saving millions of dollars each year to bringing in new leadership for capital projects that have saved nearly $100 million in taxpayer dollars.

My second qualification is experience in understanding the needs of Maricopa County through my years of serving on the board. Whether it is working on behalf of our homeless population or building a new jail, I have come to understand and manage the daily needs of our County.

My third qualification is knowing how to listen to both our 13,000 county employees and my 800,000 constituents.

Jevin Hodge (District 1)

I have the consensus-building skills, pragmatic approach to problem-solving, and compassion for people necessary for public service. I am committed to bipartisan decision-making and view service to my county as service to all who live in it, not just to those who vote for me. I am a dealmaker by trade, a pragmatist by upbringing, and a son of Christ by birth. I want to see change in our county for the better. That means helping more Arizonans get to work on building up our paradise in the desert. It also means caring for our neighbors, regardless of whether they think, look, or act differently from us or our idealized versions of ourselves. Finally, it means listening to the community, taking into account economics when it comes to delivering what the people want, and setting priorities when it comes to mobilizing our multi-billion-dollar budget.

Jack Sellers (District 1) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

I am currently serving as District 1 County Supervisor and Vice Chair of the Board for 2020.

My service on the Chandler City Council was a great experience for learning the pulse of the community and listening to constituents to understand what their expectations are for maintaining a safe healthy environment to sustain the lifestyle we love.

I have extensive experience in transportation infrastructure and intelligent transportation solutions. My education and experience in the Auto Industry, as well as my involvement in many regional organizations, have helped me understand the importance of a viable transportation system as one of the keys for our economic future. I have established a great network that helps me encourage quality job growth. My experience and connections will play an important role in achieving the best possible plan for our region.

What is your vision for Maricopa County in 20-30 years?

Deedra Abboud (District 2)

With Maricopa County being the fastest growing county in the country, a 30-year sustainable infrastructure plan must include the development and implementation of climate-smart, technologically advanced, integrated, and efficient infrastructure to accommodate growth while preserving the opportunity, natural beauty, and well-planned public works development that caused so many to choose Maricopa County as their home.

An equitable community engagement process is critical to reaching the goal of making our county more livable, healthy, and safe for all of our residents – which requires that the virtually unknown Board of Supervisors become more visible and accessible to the people they serve.

Steve Chucri (District 2) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

First and foremost, to ensure that we are prepared with the right infrastructure from highways to economic development to meet the needs of our residents. Education is another key driver for success and we must pay close attention to having top ranked schools for future generations. As the fastest growing County for the past three years we can’t afford not to plan correctly.

Jevin Hodge (District 1)

Maricopa County will continue to be one of the largest and fastest-growing counties in the United States, meaning we must prepare to invest heavily in our transportation and energy infrastructure. Sustainable, environmentally friendly infrastructure will foster that growth in a smart manner.

We need to be smart about addressing the severe heat island effect, which results in increased driving, use of unsustainable cooling systems, and use of fossil fuels and water that must be conserved. The heat island effect makes our cities several degrees warmer than the surrounding desert and is part of a global concern about rising temperatures around the world. We must invest heavily in renewable energy, such as solar panels and nuclear facilities, to make modernization efficient and affordable, spark job creation, and provide power and water to generations of Arizonans to come.

We must continue programs to fund public transportation and the maintenance and expansion of freeways throughout the county and state. Our public transit system should fill in the gaps that cars and freeways don’t. We should seek to better connect the margins of our county, such as the southeast valley, to downtown Phoenix and other job centers throughout the region. We must also work to make housing dense and affordable; this will be conducive to business success and active utilization of more environmentally friendly public transportation.

My vision for the county amounts to infrastructure investment that, paired with affordable housing and economic development, complements our growing workforce, encourages the world’s brightest and hardest-working people to live, work, and vacation in our county and state, and keeps hard-earned dollars in our community.

Jack Sellers (District 1) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

My vision for Maricopa County in the next 20-30 years is for us to become a truly Smart Region. As the fastest growing County in the US, I recognize that this growth is not sustainable if we don’t have a plan to deal with this growth in a way that allows us to maintain/improve the lifestyle that attracts people and companies to our region. To accomplish that in the long term, we need flexible education systems that stay abreast of changing needs and smart infrastructure.

What are the top two (2) priorities you would push to accomplish during your term as County Supervisor and why do you believe these are important to accomplish?

Deedra Abboud (District 2)

Low morale and high turnover is a major problem in Maricopa County, one of the largest employers, and is a direct result of poor management - too often due to unreasonable workloads, ill-defined employee development plans for employee future advancement, lack of open communication lines with management, and management acting as though an employee is fortunate to have a job instead of respecting employees and his/her work.

The Board of Supervisors’ focus on “running lean” and decreasing budgets is increasing infrastructure maintenance gaps by billions of dollars, while failing to keep our communities safe and prepared for future growth.

Steve Chucri (District 2) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

I would continue to push my work with Dr. Michael Crow and ASU on our joint project on Healthy Urban Environments which is trying to understand why our heat index continues to rise and how Arizona can preserve its quality of life and responsibly grow without endangering lives due to heat. Secondly, I will continue to aggressively manage our fiscal resources and work to keep property taxes low. We have been successful in doing this the past few years by keeping the property rate flat.

Jevin Hodge (District 1)

Investing in Maricopa County’s infrastructure, from its roads and highways to its stormwater and waste systems, is a major priority. Our public works are an opportunity to not only improve our cities, county, and state, but also to provide jobs for our residents. I will intently pursue state and federal funding opportunities for as many public works projects as possible to assist the county and cities with the cost of critical infrastructure improvements. Furthermore, I will advocate for goods and services procured by the county to come from local suppliers, benefiting the local economy. This is how we return the public’s tax dollars to its pockets and ensure that money is put to work for the people. Maricopa County has an incredible track record for growth; we must make sure it happens symmetrically, benefiting our small and local business employing county residents. I anticipate the county to be a major customer for these men and women for years to come.

Investing in our community’s personal and economic well-being is a priority. Special attention should be given to providing top-notch health services to veterans, the disabled, and the poor. I will work to invest heavily in Maricopa County’s public hospitals and other health programs to streamline care, hire more nurses, doctors, and support staff. I will also advocate to increase funding for educational institutions training healthcare professionals. Well-being extends to the health of our economy, that means focusing attention on workforce development and job training programing. I would specifically support programs in the Maricopa Community College system responsible for trade and career training. I would like to see more support for vocational and apprenticeship programs in high schools, as well as the integration of other skills, such as computer programming and foreign language education, into curriculums. This would allow our students to develop new tools and create jobs in industries that may not even exist yet. I also want to put a special emphasis on early childhood development and would like to explore how the county might begin preparing its youngest residents for success in the classroom, on the field, and in the workforce.

Jack Sellers (District 1) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

A major task we are facing over the next few years is the intelligent extension of Prop 400, the regional transportation infrastructure funding initiative. Part of that plan has to be the effective utilization of rapidly evolving intelligent transportation solutions. This is absolutely essential to deal with our continued growth.

Also working on improvements to our election systems to ensure efficient transparent honest elections. Voting is our most important obligation and we need to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to vote.

What experience do you have with complex budgets?

Deedra Abboud (District 2)

I have years of extensive experience in accounting, management, and legal in the corporate world coordinating budgets and departments that included various cultures, languages, economies, and laws to accomplish programs related to objectives and goals within a definite time period; including an estimate of resources required; together with an estimate of resources available that were often impacted by changing local economic depressions and prosperity; with an eye on past periods, future requirement forecasting, and diverse stakeholders with various competing priorities.

Steve Chucri (District 2) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

As a County Supervisor I have passed 8 budgets that now total over $2 billion dollars each year and runs a government serving 4.5 million people. Also, in my role at the Arizona Restaurant Association I am fortunate to lead a $13.5 billion dollar industry that has a daily payroll of $14 million dollars.

Jevin Hodge (District 1)

In my employment I provide consultation and advice on budget matters to my clients, many of whom have very large budgets. As a board member and officer of nonprofit organizations and an HOA, I have responsibilities for developing and managing budgets. Finally, I am familiar with budgets of governmental entities through my experience leading the Tempe Union High Schools Foundation.

Jack Sellers (District 1) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

I had extensive municipal budget experience serving 8 years on City Council. I am now involved in my 2nd annual budget experience at Maricopa County. Prior to that I had budget responsibility as the Facilities Manager at the General Motors Desert Proving Ground.

How do you plan to balance and prioritize the needs of the entire county with those of individual cities and towns?

Deedra Abboud (District 2)

Communication is key, focused on listening and shared problem-solving. Though the Board of Supervisors are divided into districts, the Board’s decisions affect the entire county and every city/town within it. What one area needs may be very different than what another area needs and talking directly to those local government officials on all levels who know their own area is crucial to understanding how those needs impact the local city/town and the surrounding areas. Governments connected to the same constituents should collaborate and share a responsibility to communicate to the public the unique needs of one area over another.

Steve Chucri (District 2) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

One key reason I ran for this office was to fix the lack of communication between governments. I am pleased to say we corrected that early on in my political career and I meet and discuss issues with all of the mayors in my district on a regular basis. We set goals and are clear in what issues are pressing and how we go about addressing them… I am very lucky to be able to serve with these great people.

Jevin Hodge (District 1)

The term “balancing” means taking away service from one part of our constituency to give to others. Instead, I will be a supervisor for all living in Maricopa County. I will work with all stakeholders -- business, nonprofit, and government-- to identify the priorities of needs and fill in gaps of service. This will amount to more efficient allocation of energies and resources and better harmony between different levels of governance to prevent bureaucratic suffocation of growth and forward progress.

Jack Sellers (District 1) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

I am proud of my regional involvement. The things that drive our economy; moving commerce, commuting and recreation, don’t recognize borders between communities. We all benefit from each others’ successes.

Our board is working with all of the municipalities on finding solutions for affordable housing and homelessness in our entire region.

How would you propose to interact with your constituents (including the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce) to ensure that they understood what was happening with the County and had an opportunity to voice their opinions?

Deedra Abboud (District 2)

Communication requires more than sending emails, press releases, and expecting constituents to attend 9am meetings on a weekday in downtown Phoenix. Mingling with constituents and stakeholders is a basic requirement for an elected official, and not just during election years. Having quarterly BoS meetings in locations around the valley would be an improvement to accessibility. It is a travesty to our Democracy and the elected office that the majority of Maricopa County residents have never heard of the Board of Supervisors – a government body that manages a geography, budget, and population larger than several states.

Steve Chucri (District 2) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

We are currently sending out a weekly email updating my constituents on recent events and informing them of what the County can do to help them. Also, every year I come to the Gilbert Chamber to meet with members and give an update on what is happening in Maricopa County and get their feedback as well as questions.

Jevin Hodge (District 1)

My staff and I will be fully dedicated to community engagement and casework. Period. Providing high quality constituent services is critical to fostering growth and supporting all stakeholders in our county. We would identify several methods of engagement that meet constituents where they are and make communication easy and accessible. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Stakeholder roundtables bringing together a cross section of stakeholder groups in District One, allowing each to advise on community input, needs and policy.
  • Community meetings, town halls, and fairs
  • Digital townhalls -- using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This will allow constituents to engage from the comfort of their home.
  • Roadshow meetings to attend community and stakeholder events, meeting groups where they are.
  • Attending and participating in significant community events such as Gilbert Days, chamber events, and local school district events.
  • Responding to phone calls and emails. This may sound simple but acknowledging receipt of a communication and following up in a meaningful way is an often-overlooked method of community engagement and being present for one’s constituents.

Jack Sellers (District 1) - *Endorsed by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce*

I will continue to make myself available and be as accessible to our entire District/Region as possible. Serving as your County Supervisor is not about me, it’s about me representing you. Being your Supervisor is my number one priority. I work with all of the Chambers in my District including extensive involvement with the East Valley Chamber of Commerce Alliance. I think I have established a good reputation for availability and certainly want to hear from as many constituents as possible.

The Gilbert Chamber's endorsement process was calendared for March and April 2020. To participate, all candidates were invited to return the completed questionnaire by March 1st. Those candidates not listed either declined participation, missed this deadline, OR entered the race after the endorsement process had begun.